Thursday, February 19, 2009

Martin Park Nature Center

Location: Oklahoma City
Size: 140 acres
Length of Trails: 3.5 miles
Terrain: Very mild, grassland and bottom forest, split by creek
Trails: Hiking only, gravel

I won't be as wordy as the last post since The Audobon Society’s Website has all the info and maps in one place.

Martin Park is cut from the same mold as Oxley Nature Center in Tulsa. It’s easy to get to, densely populated with wildlife (due to feeders and enhanced habitats), has well maintained and strollable trails, and it is really clean. It’s a great alternative to visiting a preserve or refuge, when you just have a couple hours.

The park has a surprisingly diverse list of residents. We saw a number of birds, such as a Spotted Towhee and several uncommon sparrows that I had never come across. We also got very close to two Downy Woodpeckers interacting and unusually comfortable with people. There is a Bird Species List here that has 75+ species that have been spotted in the park.
Lots and lots of deer tracks throughout, especially near the creek that cuts through the property.


-Really cool bird blind with feeders and brush that is very active
-There are no prairie dogs anymore. I have a source, although known to be unreliable, that says they were eaten by badgers. I want to see a badger! The prairie dog blind is now a composting info booth... slightly less cute than a prairie dog.


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Great post.
I've seen lots of deer there right at dusk.

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